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What is being said about Karen's Presentations, Writings, and Live Events.


“ Karen is a very anointed and gifted speaker.  I was completely captivated by her testimony of how God brought her through the trial of being 98% invalid due to a horrific traffic accident.  Karen spoke for almost an hour, the time seemed to fly by and I did not want her to end.  I could have listened to her all day.  As a co-pastor of a church, I greatly recommend inviting Karen to speak.  She is highly engaging and her message is relevant for people from all walks of life.  It is easy to identify with her because of what she has been through.  She is also an inspiration to all for how she allowed God to minister to her and bring her out of the depths of despair.” 

~Pastor Sandra, Lifting Up Jesus Church

"Karen is a faith filled speaker with real life experiences to demonstrate her concepts and principles. Karen is sensitive and caring in her approach to speaking in such a way that you think you are the only one she is speaking with at a presentation. I known Karen just over two years and recommend her for speaking and her tools such as books, tapes, etc. She has her own miracle story that everyone should hear. Karen makes a difference in this marketplace."  

~Terry McParlan, Chaplain

“Karen Anderson has seen a lot of personal growth through incredible hardship in her own life before coming to the Chaplaincy. She is a strong person, with much resolve and determination. God has used her voice to touch many lives already through her former television show, and her books. As Chaplain there are times when we have to be strong for people who have no strength. God will use her strength for His glory through her speaking.”

~Senior Chaplain Terry Morgan, Gold Country Chaplaincy

“God has worked powerfully in Karen Anderson’s life. Her personal healing from physical pain and affliction gives her a unique perspective on life and on God’s healing touch and power. She is moving and inspiring.”  

~Mike Edwards, Youth for Christ

“Karen is inspiring, personable, and sincere, with a touch of humor. Her miracle story is fabulous! Karen turns the focus back to the audience, leaving you with the feeling that no matter what circumstances you are facing, whether a miracle is needed or just plain encouragement, we too can experience hope.” 

~Kim F., Toastmaster Mentor 

“Karen's presentation was honest & filled with the power to "Believe." 

~Curtis Woodard 

“I have been a business associate and fellow Toastmaster of Karen Anderson for many years. I have watched as her faith guided her, changed her and set her forth on her current path of reaching out to help others.  She is absolute in her faith and looks for and receives guidance from God.  Karen wants to and can help others through her own experience and her ability to center people, allowing them to create their destiny.  As a speaker, Karen is excellent, I would highly recommend Karen as an inspirational motivational speaker. “ 

~Anne Sandler, DTM (Toastmaster), Antelope

“Karen has a very compelling story to tell and she does it with style. She is interesting and made an impact on my life. I walked away knowing that I can create positive results in my life as well. Thank you. “ 

 ~Joanne Lang, The Personal Assistant

"I am pleased that Karen Anderson is passionate about delivering her topic, "Soar Like Eagles” which focuses on helping others overcome their fears. With her extensive teaching experience, passion for mentoring, and personal testimony of perseverance, I highly recommend Karen Anderson as your next speaker. My first exposure to Karen came at the Toastmasters’ Area International Speech Contest in Orangevale in spring 2008. As a contestant, Karen delivered an eloquent testimony on recovering from a fatal automobile collision. Today Karen is a talented pianist, inspirational speaker. She speaks at different venues including weekend retreats. I have seen Karen motivate Toastmaster Clubs and deliver inspirational speeches. Karen's "Soar Like Eagles" topic empowers people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. I am excited about the numerous lives that will be positively impacted by Karen's motivational speech.  Please accept my recommendation for Karen Anderson to speak at your event. This speaking engagement be one many steps in Karen's ongoing journey of inspiring numerous others to achieve their dreams and passions and not let the fear within stop them."  

~David M. Schwegel

"Karen's presence is reassuring. I like the way Karen speaks to everyone with sincerity.  Karen has a warm & pleasing voice--she connects with me."

~Christy Drewey 


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