Sunsets In My Life

sunset4In times of reflection, you want to see the beauty of your life.  There may be times you think there is nothing special about you.  I want you to put your name in this verse:  Your name, You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”    Do you think that God would have taken the time to tell you this in His Word if you are not special and unique in His eyes?  Your life is as unique as any sunsets that can be seen all over the world.  That represents more sunsets than our mind can even comprehend.  It boggles the mind…the blessing is you don’t have to remember them.  You just have to remember that you are unique and special.

Let’s take this little trip into the realm of sunsets.  I’m sure you have seen many sunsets that were amazing and unique.  I have seen some that took my breath away.  Many know all about how the sunsets are created and all the technical reasons, but do not think about that today.  I want you to think about the beauty and what inspiration you get by watching them, as the sun slowly goes down behind the horizon.  When my husband and I were on our cruises, I loved watching the sunset every night.  They were magnificent and each uniquely different in themselves.  What was the mystery as each one painted its own glorious picture in the sky?  Only God knows and my inner spirit.  But I knew without a doubt that God was speaking to my heart.  He knows what He is saying to me and I just trust Him knowing that He cares and watches over me.  My husband and I were amazed as we watched the many sunsets which ranged from being in a clear sky to the stormy sky of a hurricane.  Each one was unique and had a special meaning for that day.  What I wouldn’t give to see those awesome sunsets once again!

Many times I have been in a situation when, of course, I did not have my camera to capture the sight before me.  But the memory of each one stays with me.  In my disappointment, I remind myself that there will be others that can inspire me to greatness and beauty within my own life.  You may be thinking, “It is just a sunset to watch, how can it be an inspiration in your life?”  When I watch these sunsets, I am quiet and in awe of it…many times this is when God speaks to me.  Maybe I have been confused and clarity comes; sad, and this will lift my spirit; or if everything is well in my life, then it reminds me of the wonderful changes God has made in my life.  He even shows me visions in those beautiful rays.

On the other hand, just like not having the camera to capture the vision, it saddens me to realize the opportunities that God has waiting for me, that I missed.  Have you been aware of such opportunities?  You need to be aware of the “now” in your life.  When you follow God’s “now” it will help you get to what He really wants for you.  Isn’t that a glorious thought that you can hold onto when times get rough?  God is your lighthouse through those storms and the sunsets are His reminders that He has once again been there for you.  I believe it…do you?

Let’s talk about relating your life to the stages of a beautiful sunset.   Let me first set the scene of these awesome sunsets.   It was December 2009 at Clear Lake, California.  We stood on the shore of the lake watching how the simple sunset changed into these waves of colors.  Who would have thought that simple act of the sun dropping behind the horizon would paint such a glorious wave of richness and colors in the sky.

When you live in the big city, flat land with trees and buildings blocking every site, like I do, it is difficult to watch the sunsets.  When I was a child we lived on a hill high above the city and the bright lights.  I would go out on my front porch and watch the sunsets whenever I could.  What a glorious sight for a young, impressionable mind.  When I think of the obstacles that are in my way now to stop me from watching God’s wonders, I can become angry.  I want to see His miraculous sunsets.  This is a perfect example of looking at the bad side of my life and especially becoming angry about it.  Instead, I need to remind myself of the awesome sunsets I have seen.  It is so easy to let myself dwell on what I don’t get to do, instead of what I GET TO DO especially with God’s help.

Here’s a possible day…It starts with your first thoughts upon waking in the morning.  This is the beginning of your sunset.  Are your thoughts on the one who can truly guide the resolution of your sunset throughout the day?  Or when you wake up in the morning, you think, “Oh, I have to deal with that nasty situation that didn’t get resolved yesterday…oh poor me.  It’s going to ruin my whole day.”  Think about the way you want your sunset to develop.  If you continue the pattern you started with, it will never develop into that beautiful sunset God wants for you…it will be ordinary and dull.  Wouldn’t you rather it be unbelievable?  In any situation you could get trapped into having a bad attitude.  Instead you should look at it as an opportunity to let God show you, once again, that He cares for you.

I want to side-step a little here.  Your daily life can be affected by the way you think about yourself.  God looks at you this way, ”…rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to Him.”   I want you to think about what makes you special and unique.  There is only one of you.  God made you special and you really need to believe this.  If you don’t…STOP and thank God for why He made you the way you are.  This is a good thing.  Remember, YOU ARE PRECIOUS TO HIM.  Now let’s get back to your sunset day.

When situations arise…this is the beginning of your sunset.  What are you seeing as it progresses?  Are you focusing on the bad stuff or do you see the hand of God helping you to move to the next rays and colors of your sunset?  Many of you can be so quick to look at only the bad things that are happening, not realizing that when you turn your eyes to God, He will make something beautiful.  Which result do you want?  Remember what His Word says, Take the old prophets as your mentors.  They put up with anything, went through everything, and never once quit, all the time honoring God.  What a gift, life is to those who stay the course!  You’ve heard, of course, of Job’s staying power, and you know how God brought it all together for him at the end.  That’s because God cares, cares right down to the last detail.”  

One thing I have learned is that with God every moment can be beautiful; you just need to want it.  To change your life or situation is to just pray.  God is a prayer- answering God (I believe).  This is what comes to my mind when I see a sunset, because I know God is answering the prayers I haven’t even uttered yet.

Say it again …  God is a prayer-answering God

(I believe)

Are you beginning to believe what you are saying?  Do you understand that He can change every situation in your life and make a beautiful sunset out of each day?  Say this sentence again, but with passion and conviction. 

God is a prayer-answering God

(I believe & I will receive)

Think about your day…did it close with the completion of a beautiful sunset or did it seem to go from one simple beautiful sunset to black with no beauty at all.  WHAT WAS YOUR DAY LIKE?  When you stay focused on God your sunsets will progress from its simple beauty to its magnificent ending.

 I have been out on the beach or someplace lovely and open and see, once again, an amazing sunset…of course NO CAMERA.  The tendency is to be frustrated and beat yourself up that you didn’t plan ahead and had your camera to catch the sight.  How many times do you do that in your everyday life?  Again this is a time when instead of living in the frustration and anger, turn it over to God.  Release the pain of missing something, and take the picture with the camera in your heart.  God will help you deal with it.  It can be very easy to say this.  You might be thinking, “If she really knew what I was dealing with, she wouldn’t say that.”  Believe me, I do know the feeling and I’m here to say…TURN IT OVER TO GOD.  He is there waiting for you to come to His arms and He will give you the strength to take the next step.  Walk hand and hand with Him…you won’t regret it.

Each day of your life can be a sunset of richness and beauty.  If someone was looking at the sunset in your life, what would their reaction be?  Would their reactions be, “That sunset was okay, but I have seen better in other people’s lives.”  Or would the comments be, “WOW, what an unbelievable sunset!”  God wants us to have a life full of WOW moments and He is the one that will help us get there.

You would agree with me that there are never two sunsets that are the same.  You would also agree with me that there are no two (Your name) that are the same.   Can you make a change as the new day approaches?  The dawn comes with yet another beautiful sunrise!  Focus your attention on what God has for you today.  God is so wonderful that He sees the uniqueness of each of you.  He will make your life more beautiful than the sunsets.  Can you really take in what this means in your life?  You know the saying…”you are looking at life through rose colored glasses.”  It is time to look at your life through “God’s colored glasses” and see the wonder He has in store for you…RIGHT NOW!  Follow His steps and be freed from a life of fear and live your life in JOY.

Psalm 139:14 (New King James)

1 Peter 2:4 (NIV)

James 5:11 (The Message)

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