Nothing Is Going My Way



Sometimes I think about faith and wonder how strong my faith really is.  Have you ever felt like nothing is going your way and God seems to have turned His back on you?  Guess what?  It is the opposite…you have turned your back on Him.  I know you don’t do it intentionally, but it is so easy to look the other way.  This makes satan extremely happy.  There is a simple solution…look back into the loving face of Jesus.  He is smiling because you are focusing on Him once again.  


 “Father, sometimes I am so confused about my life.  Something difficult happens and I wonder if You’re punishing me.  I become fearful, tense, and confused.  But then I remember who the “author of confusion” really is—my enemy and Yours.  Lord, I ask You to protect me and help me to pierce through this present darkness to understand what’s really going on.”

Reference:  Prayers from “When You Need a Miracle” by Ann Spangler.

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