Increase My Faith


sunriseWhatever the case, life goes much better with faith.  If you feel that you have too little of this precious commodity, ask God to multiply it.  And if you haven’t already done so, pray for His Spirit to live in you.  The Holy Spirit gives you life.  He gives you the ability to have faith in a God who will meet your deepest needs, no matter how impossibly desperate you feel.

Here’s your prayer for more faith:

Father, thank you for the new day.  For the sun that scatters red and green and gold across the earth to make our world beautiful.  For the trees that keep the soil from blowing away and the hills that make life interesting.  For the fuel in my stove, the food on my table, and the hope in my heart.  For one another.  For your Spirit.  I thank you.  Help me to be glad for all that You have given.  And so increase my faith for all that You intend to give me still.”

Reference:  Prayers from “When You Need a Miracle” by Ann Spangler.

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