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But I Don’t Want To!

But I Don’t Want To!


There is a word we all use to create ourselves an “out” of something we don’t want to do or are afraid of.  It can be viewed as a harsh word, so we use other words to get around it like, “I can’t right now,” or “I just don’t know.” But there is no way you can avoid what it means.  The word is procrastination.  Your response may be, “I really don’t procrastinate that much.”  Oh really, how many times do you think to yourself “I know I should do this but I’d rather do that.”  Then you decide that the situation can wait so again you procrastinate.  Does that sound like an excuse to you?  I too, have used excuses on situations that need to be addressed to avoid the possible hurt.  How silly is that?  JUST DO IT!  Just get it done and you will feel the freedom of taking charge and completing it.

Have you had a hard decision to make about someone?  I had such a situation but I didn’t want to face it.  I didn’t want to be the cause of someone being hurt, let someone else take the heat and not me. This is a feeling that none of us want to deal with, it is so uncomfortable that we will put it off, and put if off!  In other words, we procrastinate which is caused by fear.  I kept thinking if I could just soften the blow maybe it won’t hurt her so much and especially wouldn’t put the guilt on my shoulders.  Talked to everyone except the one person I needed to go to first…God.  While I was writing the original letter, He had given me some options to still have her involved but with less responsibilities.  The enemy attacked me again, convincing me that to have her step away from the project voluntarily was really best for her…Really?  Again, not the right decision, so I procrastinated again.  If it was so great, why couldn’t I send the letter?  God was blocking my decision because He knew it wasn’t right.

I finally decided I needed to follow God’s direction and just open my heart to Him and then through Him to her.  I needed to not make the decision out of fear but with the attitude of love.  His Word says, “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

So the next time you have something you have to, or need to do, don’t procrastinate, ask God for His direction, after all He knows what is best, not you.  Don’t forget to include Him in all your decisions.

2 Corinthians 3:17

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