Beauty of the Lights in the Distance


“Don’t panic.  I’m with you.  There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.  I’ll give you strength.  I’ll help you.  I’ll hold you steady, and keep a firm grip on you.”      –Isaiah 41:10 (The Message)

Are there times when you feel like a small child and you don’t know which direction is home?  You are lost and all alone.  You start thinking about your mommy and daddy…you may be excited or frightened but you are still scared because you have lost your way.   Sometimes you may feel like you are climbing a stairway that seems to lead to nowhere.  Who or what is waiting for you at the top of the stairs…GOOD OR EVIL!   As a child, I remember at my grandmother’s home in Oakland, California the dark narrow stairs going to her basement.  They creaked and groaned as you walked down those rickety stairs.  I knew I would fall to my death as they seemed to give a little more with each and every step.  The stairway was so narrow and it went deeper and deeper into what seemed an endless dark hole.  I felt like I was stepping into the depths of hell…I was terrified!  On the other hand, if I walked into her living room, there was a beautiful wooden staircase that led up to the upstairs of this beautiful 3 story home.  I would find beautifully decorated rooms with the richness and warmth along with the scent of lavender and spice…this was what heaven must be like, surrounded by love.  The upstairs was so different from the basement with all its hidden dangers.

In your life, the staircase may be narrow, dark, scary, as you carefully creep up the stairwell.  You know there are dangers as you round each corner of this frightening and gloomy place, but there seems no other way to get to your destination.   Wouldn’t you rather climb a staircase full of that reassuring light with beautiful wood handrails leading you to your future?  The stairs are easier and because of the warm and inviting light, the dangers are seen before they can cause devastation.  It almost feels like you are being guided by the hand to the life of your dreams and fulfillment.  This is the life that God wants for you and He will be your guide through and around the obstacles, so you won’t fall or trip.  God says, “By your words I can see where I’m going; they throw a beam of light on my dark path.”  God also gives you a promise of guidance through your life.  Anything God says can be trusted and then you can rest in His assurance.  He says, “I am the world’s light.  No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness.  I provide plenty of light to live in.”  What a blessing to know that with God and His Son, Jesus Christ, you will be guided throughout your life.  But maybe that is not enough assurance for you.  If not, why not?

I grew up in the hills of Hayward, California that overlooked the San Francisco Bay Area.  You could tell what kind of a day it would be, whether clear, overcast, and even if the smog levels were high.   What I loved the most was sitting out on the front lawn and looking over the Bay at night.  What a sight with all the beautiful white lights of the city.  It was breathtaking to see the outline of the Bay in its blackness against the border of lights surrounding the one side.  The blackness made me ponder on what life truly would be like without God.  The beautiful lights were like a beacon to some place wonderful and unexpected.  I would sit there in wonder about how it must grieve God about those who choose an evil life instead of what He has in store for them.  Then my thoughts would pause and think about the majesty, wonder, and beauty of who God is…  

My thoughts turn to wondering.  If we have the choice of a good world for everyone vs. a world full of evil, which would seem more appealing?  I’m not saying a little bit of both but one that is truly GOOD and one that is truly EVIL.  In the good world you would, without question follow God’s direction every moment of every day without any hesitation.  In the world of evil God would not be there and you would be at the mercy of every evil act no matter how depraved.  You would have to live out your life in that world with absolutely no hope.

There is an answer…you can let God guide your path and be willing, no matter what, to accept His direction for your life.  Is your life going to be smooth sailing?  The answer is NO, but it can be easier and not so frightening.  Your life will be guided and protected in that warm embrace that will help you take that next step.  Each step will draw you closer to what God wants for your life.  God’s plan for your life is perfect.  Run to Him and embrace it!

What of that child that is lost and not knowing which way to her home?   Who will guide this little lost lamb to safety?  You’re screaming to yourself, “Please don’t let the wolves attack her in the woods.  Let her be safe and warm in the arms of her mommy and daddy…”

What about you?  Do you feel like this little child?  Daddy (God) is waiting for you.  He will lead you up the staircase of your life.  This means that even in those tough times when it seems like you will be destroyed, God’s assurance of being with and guiding you is ALWAYS there.  Just reach out and take His hand.

Remember that God says, “Don’t panic.  I’m with you.  There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.  I’ll give you strength.  I’ll help you.  I’ll hold you steady, and keep a firm grip on you.” 

Psalm 119:104 (The Message)

John 8:12 (The Message)

Jude 1:2 (The Message)

Isaiah 41:10 (The Message)

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