Are You Walking Away?



There may be times when you feel like walking away from your Christian life.  It may seem just too hard to keep following God’s direction.  If you have ever felt this way, first, don’t give into the guilt that will accompany that feeling.  That is another flaming arrow that satan is shooting at you.  God always has His arms open wide to protect you and to just love you. He is saying to you, “It’s okay, I have big shoulders, I can take it.”


“Father, sometimes I get so tired of the fight that I wonder if it’s really worth it.  I even start to wonder if I’ve gained any ground at all.  At such times, help me to see the true state of things.  Don’t let my enemy discourage me with lies about his power.  Instead, feed me with the bread of angels and give me joy in the midst of the battle.”

Reference:  Prayers from “When You Need a Miracle” by Ann Spangler.

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