A Time to Surrender


surrenderThere are times when I am pushing so hard in my life, you know fighting for this or that.  Thinking all the time I am fighting for God.  This attitude can be exhausting.  Sometimes I’m so busy fighting that I don’t listen to God when He wants me to slow down and rest.  You already know this, but there is strength in surrendering.  When I surrender to what God wants, life runs a lot smoother.  I am always better when I put every moment of my life in God’s hands instead of my own…I’ll mess it up.  I’m the warrior…Hah!  God is the general and all I have to do is follow Him and I know I will never be alone in any fight because He is there.


“Lord, I’m a fighter by nature.  “Never give up” is my life motto.  If one thing won’t work, then I’ll try another and another and another.  Help me to realize when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to surrender.  You know the areas in my life that require surrender.  Right now, I ask for the help to relinquish these to You.  Give me the grace to say yes to Your will.  Not a yes spoken through gritted teeth, but an honest yes, spoken in a quiet place in my soul, the place where you dwell.”

Reference:  Prayers from “When You Need a Miracle” by Ann Spangler.

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