Rise Above Life’s Storms

Karen standingIs life just TOO hard? Need help? Everything seems to be falling apart? Your obstacles have become “Goliaths?” You do not have to be trapped…BREAK FREE! Are you ready for your journey? With God’s help, my mission through Soaring To Hope is to help you think on theses words: ENLIGHTENMENT…gain spiritual insight; ENCOURAGEMENT…to be spurred on; ENCOURAGEMENT…have the power to change.

“I am a woman not afraid of standing her ground for the betterment of others based on God’s principles. What you see is what you get with me and you can count on it. God gives me the courage and spiritual strength to create a more uplifting world for those around me.” – Karen Anderson

Your storms have become the “giants” in your life. You need to believe that God is bigger than any circumstance. Soar like Eagles and Fly with your Heart.

My vision is to strengthen women’s resolve to emulate God and the direction He has for each ones’ life. This means they will no longer be attacked by the enemy with fear, lack of worth, or the ability to move forward. I will stand in the gap for women until they have the strength, through their words, action, and faith to experience the quality of life God has planned for them.The vision of…

  • The “storm” is to no longer live in fear
  • The “eagle” is to soar through the storms in your life
  • The “ocean” is to persevere and have a renewing of you life
  • The “rose” to enjoy beauty, love, hope, and joy in you life
  • The “cross” is to remind you that God will give you His strength and peace

I see this business being an instrument of God to help others through the media, speaking, live events, and my writings. I know that I will have an impact to the masses for God. Don’t get stuck; and I will help you move through storms with God at your side.

My prayer:
Lord – use me as you wish,
Lord – send me where you wish,
Lord – use me as your instrument.

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